Behind Our Motto "Be Inspired To Create"

Hello! I am Alyssa and I am the owner of 85th Adventure. I live in a small, small town in beautiful Idaho. I am a work at home mom to 4 amazing children, ages 10-2. I've been married to my best friend since May 2016. We create custom and personalized products inspired by our customers and ourselves to brighten someone else's life. Our motto is "Be Inspired To Create". Create your life the way you want, create a product, create happiness, create the things that you wish existed. It wasn't until last year that I really believed that I could create a life that I loved, stay involved in my childrens lives and build a business that would eventually be our sole income.


In May 2016, the morning after my husband and I said "I Do", we should of been off on our honeymoon celebrating our new adventure, but the universe had a different plan for us. My husband was laid off from a position in the oil field. With zero in savings, 5 months pregnant, at the time, and 3 little ones depending on us, my husband took the first position that was available to him with a construction company that was 40 miles away. Cutting our income in more than half, we did everything we could to stay afloat. Over the next 6 months, we sold handmade items on social media to keep our bills paid, and still that wasn't enough. While my husband worked anywhere from 20-70 hours a week along with sleepless nights building wood items to bring in extra cash, we couldn't keep up with the instability that this job was giving.


To the point of losing everything, in August, he took a more stable position within the same company which required him to work out of town and only be home on the weekends if he was off. This position shed a little light as we started to pull our selves out of the dark hole we were in. At the end of September, our beautiful daughter was born which brought a 3 week layoff with no savings along with the next 3 months with very slow work weeks. In that moment, we decided that we needed to venture out and build our woodworking business. We explored our online options and decided to jump on Etsy to see if we could gain something from it. Christmas was approaching fast and we were worried that we wouldn't be able to give our children a Christmas. The first week of December, we got a notice that our lights were being shut off.. I knew I HAD to bring in more sales in the next 2 weeks just to keep our lights on, let alone all the other bills that were backing up... My drive kicked in and I decided that the only way things would sell, was to take things into my own hands. Etsy was slow at first but with extensive research, I found an amazing group of ladies to help us build our online business. That group is called Flourish at Artisan Indie. I decided that adding vinyl to our Etsy shop would allow a larger profit and less material. We worked day and night, selling dollar store stuffed animals with children's names added to them in vinyl and wood crates just to pay off our power bill. After 3 LONG weeks, sleepless nights reading and growing our Etsy page, we had paid off our power bill and was able to buy Christmas. I then decided to open my own vinyl shop in January 2017 with the knowledge I had gained from this group of ladies and haven't looked back.

By doing so, In 2018, I was able to work full time from home and was venturing out hoping to build my in-home business. My husband had moved up as a foreman in the same company and was still out of town quite a bit, but being able to contribute to our families finances has taken the stress off my husband. My children and I were able to travel with my husband during the summer, seeing Oregon and Wyoming. Being able to show our children that even in the toughest times, anyone can work out of that situation and they too can do anything, if they set their mind to it.

In October of 2018, my husband was able to take 3 months off of work to help during the holiday season. We ranked in the top 1,500 shops on Etsy and didn't stress once about our financial situation. In January of 2019, we decided that we were in a position that he could quit his job, stay at home and help with the business, while getting to experience all the things he missed out on while having to work out of town his whole life. 

There are many in the position that we were in. There are families doing everything they can to keep food on the table. Find that drive. It is there. Deep down in you, there is a drive that was in us as well to pull ourselves out of the hole and become more than what we limited ourselves to.



Be inspired to create. Create your life the way you want, create a product, create happiness, create the things that you wish existed.





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  • I’m so proud of you guys! With your talent, creativity and skill the sky is the limit! God bless you!


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