I Choose To Celebrate

Work at home mom reality.....

Office #1 in our kitchen where I spend 90% of my time...

Anyone else have multiple offices in their home???

I know I am not the only one. :)




I started my own business 2 years ago, while my business has grown and continues to grow, I'll be the first to admit there are things I need to work out in my personal life in order for things to keep growing the right way. Life/business coaching wasn't something I thought was possible. I joined a business group a few years back, Artisan Indie and Flourish at Artisan Indie, that helps with business development and recently, I joined their personal development group, in hopes that I could find "me" again. You know, the mom of 4 who thinks of her self as only "mom". I heard of life coaches but I didn't want to spend thousands of dollars on one... I mean what is a life coach??? 


After a few months of reading books about motivation, finding inner peace and how to not feel like a vampire, ready to turn to dust when the sun hits my face (stay at home moms that never leave the house know what I'm talking about)  I found myself reading a book from Rachel Hollis. "Girl Wash Your Face" has been a life changer. Holding myself accountable for my life, my choices and to realize that the things happening around me are happening for me, not to me, changed my outlook on life.


The first 25 years of my life has been rough! But wanting to empower women with stories like battling depression, anxiety and overcoming mental and emotional abuse in my childhood and early adulthood, I never thought during the process I would need a life & business coach.. therapist, yes... Coach, no.


I'm coming up on 28 years old and I kind of just accepted that my life was going to be filled with doubt, fear, and anxiety. I have often felt stuck in my life because of the voices in my past. Never looked forward to anything because I thought life was going to feel this gloomy forever. BUT that is not the truth. Life doesn't have to drag us down!


After a few months of personal development and after my first life/business coaching session, I realized that I get to create my story and see that I am enough. I no longer want to live in the past... I no longer want to listen to the voices that told me, because I wasn't something they wanted me to be,  I wasn't good enough. I'd never want to be like them. I'd never want to make someone feel so low that they needed to change their self, just for you to accept them. I get to put all the doubt, fear and anxiety behind me and create a life worth living for, and for that, I am so excited for my future!


I want to empower others. I want to show other women they, too, matter and they can be more than what they have been labeled. More than what their parents told them they had to be. More than what their in-laws think of them. More than what they think of themselves.


Instead of doubting myself and my ability to inspire others, today, I am going to celebrate that I created a business where I am home 24/7 for my children. I created a business that let my husband quit his job to be home with us. That I am working on products that empower other women to know they, too, matter. I am celebrating that I booked my first personal development conference that I will be travelling, by myself, out of state to attend and while I am there, I am taking my first cooking class.. I did that... me! I will be celebrating the good things and will no longer let the past fear and doubt overcome what I know I can do with my future. I hope in the process, I can inspire someone else to step out of the dark and do the same.





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