Old Ways Won't Open New Doors

Ugh, I'll admit, this has been my problem for sooooo many years!!! 26 years old and I felt "stuck" in my life. Blaming the same things over and over again for why I was feeling stuck, without realizing that I am the author of my life and I will not move forward if I don't change how I am thinking about my current situation.. Realizing that what I have  been doing before isn't going to get me further in life. Whatever that problem may be I'm facing, I have to face it head on, change how I do things, and approach it a different way.



Think of your journey as a dirt road. You have made it so far on this journey and bumps in the road hasn't stopped you as you're still walking this path strong. But you come to a brick wall. It stops you dead in your tracks. Here you realize that walking straight will no longer allow you to move forward. Do you stop and give up? Say to yourself, "well, it's been fun!" Pitch a tent and hang out in that moment for the rest of your life..... trying to convince yourself that if that wall wouldn't of appeared, that you would be so far by now! But that is the problem! So many of us hang out in that moment wondering how our lives would of been if this thing wouldn't of happened to us, not knowing we have the power to leave it behind us and keep going, creating a life worth living. Instead of falling to defeat, ask yourself this, "How can I get over this wall." Well, you can climb it. You can walk around it. You can dig under it. You can gather supplies from the side of this road, build stairs and climb the eff over it... Whatever it is you need to do to just get around this wall, you need to do it! Get over it and move on! Such bitter words but we can't just sit there wondering how life would be. We need to go out and make it happen! We are so strong! So powerful. We are made for more! Old ways won't open new doors, but you have the power today to change how you do things, figure out what you want in life, how you are going to make it happen, and DO IT! Create the things you wish existed.



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