You are a warrior. I am a warrior.

You are where you are meant to be. Say that again, you are where you are meant to be. You have pulled out of the darkest hole and now are on the other side of life. You are standing on top of the mountain called life, over looking the trees, all you see is the blue sky, feel the air hitting every inch of your body as everything you just went through is now behind you.. the wind has taken the stress, the worry, the sadness, the doubt, the hate and blew it behind you, it's not coming back... Unless you turn around and walk back down that mountain.. But you won't turn around, you are a warrior.

You spead your wings, not worried about how they have been touched, but that you still have wings. Ready to soar. You walk to the edge of that mountain.. You are a warrior.. You jump, knowing that your wings will guide you through those blue skies.. When it storms, stand on that mountain top, remind yourself that you are a warrior, and jump, your wings will guide you. You are a warrior. Love the journey because it is yours. Find answers in the quiet and peace in the chaos.
You are a warrior.


  • Love this. So fitting for so many different circumstances life throws at us. Love you sweet friend! We are warriors!

  • That’s beautiful and lift any spirit. Thank you!


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