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I love things that remind me who I am and what I can do. I have a hard time staying motivated in my life. I have anxiety and question EVERYTHING!!! "Will my customers like this?" "Will they judge me for writing that?" I have spent my whole life being judged by things that I couldn't control, being judged without being asked about the situation, that I silenced myself in fear that I'd be too much for the people that didn't understand me. But over the past couple months, I've realized that my dreams can not be silenced by people who don't understand me. Rachel Hollis said it best, "Their opinion of me, is none of my business." My dreams are too big, for those people who hold no weight in my life, to stop me.


So I'm going to say what I want to say, I'm doing to do what I want to do, I'm going to eliminate things in my life that does not bring me motivation, that does not help me succeed, no longer with the fear that I may be judged, because you know what, someone out there will judge you anyway, forgetting that when they point a finger, they have 3 more pointing back at them. but I believe that I have something that someone needs to hear, that they too can come out of the dark and create something worth living for and that person means more to me than the people that judge me for things they couldn't possibly understand without knowing me. So, if you too need motivation to get through the day, you got this.

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